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Feb 24, 2024
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I'm a big advocate of implementing some form of male population control. I think things will in general improve for incels (and everyone else) if the male to female ratio worldwide was around 75:100. But before we even get into the "why" of this, lets talk about the "how":

There are a number of relatively easy and ethical ways women can go about this if they wish to try for daughters instead of sons. The first and most promising of them is a newer method called "Sperm Sorting". It can with 80%-90% efficiency determine the gender of the fetus. The downside of this method is cost and availability, but that is VERY quickly changing as more and more parents want to select thier child's gender. There will come a point in the near future this technology is at every Planned Parenthood clinic.
TLC fertility
The 2nd option is gender selective IVF with PGT, which has been around a while now and has the benefit of being more widely available.
Sex Selection with PGT | Dallas IVF Fertility Center
The 3rd method is simply doing close monitoring of the fetus. These days, gender can be determined very early on in the pregnancy when the fetus is no bigger than your thumb. If it's a male? You can terminate the pregnancy with little complication and try again.

This proposed gender ratio will help improve the incel problem. But the moment I bring this up as a point when discussing my idea with women, it seems as if they IMMEDIATELY lose the plot; even if they seemed initially receptive to this idea. If you even bring up male suffering as a reason for women to do anything, you may as well be speaking Sanskrit to them they just aren't capable of empathizing with sub-5 males. So I've concluded that the only way I can convince women of this idea is to focus solely on female oriented problems that arise from having a gender ratio that is skewed towards too many males.

Of all the reasons I can think of to get women on board with this idea, the rape statistics of countries that have large amounts of surplus men is easily #1 on the list.

Did you know that in India, rape is so ubiquitous that it has been declared a national crises? Every 18 minutes on average a woman gets raped or gangraped there. But some statistics put the rape numbers way higher.
The Not-So-Hidden Crime: India’s Rape Crisis
Rape is so high in India, that the US and many European countries have put a travel advisory out to female tourists, warning them they could be kidnapped, gangraped, or forced into sexual slavery if they travel alone or in areas outside tourist destinations. It's not nicknamed "the rape capital of the world" for nothing.
Rape capital of the world: US issues warning to tourists visiting India
Sex trafficking is also insane in India, there's cases of women (both foreign and domestic) claiming to have been kidnapped and raped by over 400 men. These cases are so common that the police only haphazardly act on them, because gathering evidence is hard for so many suspects.
Girl, 16, says she was raped by hundreds of men in western India - KTVZ
They also have the 2nd highest male to female population ratio, with around 47,000,000 surplus males. What a coincidence! (Protip: it's absolutely not a coincidence).
India sex ratio 2023 -
You might be thinking that India is an anomaly and not representative of a wider issue. So let's come back to a more Western country and take a look at the rape capital of the United States: Alaska. It has a gender imbalance of about 107 males per 100 females. Despite not being that much of an imbalance, 37% of women in Alaska have reported facing sexual violence at some point in thier lives. It is also the most dangerous state in the US for women, with FBI statistics showing Alaska is by far leading the country in women who are murdered by men.
Forcible rape rate in the U.S. by state 2022 | Statista

It makes you wonder why people haven't figured it out yet that having too many males around is bad. It's so blatantly obvious to anyone who is even vaguely familiar with anthropology. When women become scarce, men become violent. Not a single peer-reviewed anthropological journal written in the past 150 years will tell you otherwise.
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