Between hour 24 and 72 after the coom I get really incely



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Nov 25, 2022
First 24 hours after, I don't give a shit about women, sex or affection or anything like that.

But after 24 hours, I start to give a shit again!

However, I'm still not able to fap, cause old and unhealthy so it takes a while for fapping to feel good (~72 hours).

So until that, I get really incely every time. Miserable and frustrated that I can't into sex and affection.

I could just fap at ~48 hours after, but it doesn't feel good enough! Feels like a waste of a coom, restarting the clock for a very mild and disappointing coom. :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek:


Its over
Sep 27, 2021
Unrelated but i remember when i lived with my family in a rural area again, my dopamine receptors improved (although they were never as screwed as they are now)

It probably was because i used the internet less and had more physical activity + fresh air.
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