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Jul 7, 2021
In case you're feeling curious for some more gourmet meals, you're welcome buddy!

Dragon cum is slightly warmer than human cum, and much thicker, too. The thickness comes the excess amount of fat that the dragon’s body wouldn’t expel normally by other means. So, it’s fattier. Any culinary chef will tell you that “fat carries the flavor.” When they say this, they mean things like oil, butter, and animal fat. Fattier cuts of meat are usually more flavorful than lean cuts.
This applies to dragon cum. Human cum tastes like sea water that is slightly expired, whereas dragon cum tastes like a whole buffet that could force Michelin to re-establish their star rating system.
It’s like an orgasm for your taste buds.
Imagine 69’ing your dragon boyfriend, and a few seconds after you finish, so does he. This heavenly, thick, delicious syrup fills your mouth and you instantly orgasm throughout your entire body. You’re immediately horny again. Thankfully, dragons don’t really have a refractory period, so he’s ready for round two. Then three. Before you know it, you’ve both came a few gallons in total (mostly his work), and it’s a full thirty hours since you stared. You’re not even hungry or thirsty, because his cum has enough nutrients to keep you well fed and fully nourished.
Scientifically, since it’s warmer, it should be actually thinner than human cum because viscosity decreases with temperature. (Try this out with olive oil in a pan! Heat it up, and it will spread out by itself) However, the presence of the extra fat in the cum keeps it nice and thick.
It’s extremely satisfying to play with. It’s like that cornstarch+water experiment you did in 4th grade. It’s somewhat like melted caramel. Furthermore, it coheres to itself pretty well. If you stick a finger in a puddle of dragon cum and drag it from the center to away from the corner, you can observe a large amount sticking to your finger.
The chemical composition of dragon cum not only serves as an aphrodisiac, but it also heightens the sensitivity of C-tactile neurons, or CT nerves. CT nerves serve to give pleasure to a human when they are gently stroked. These neurons fire slowly than others, but dragon cum acts like a “catalyst” for the chemical reactions that take place when these neurons fire. A catalyst speeds up the reaction of a chemical reaction.
So after a dragon covers your entire GI tract with a single cumshot, he’ll slow down, slowly thrusting his cock back and forth inside you. This is extremely pleasurable. His cum will heighten the sensation of his cock in you, or at least your pleasure from doing so. It feels bigger, longer, and warmer.
Back to the taste.
The taste depends on the dragon’s diet. The smaller, sleeker dragons of the North Forest like to eat fruit. So, their cum is naturally sweeter than you would expect. It tastes like mango covered in salted caramel.
If it’s an ice dragon, the cum tends to be much more flavorful because they like to eat seals. However, since it’s you know... an ice dragon, the cum is very cold, almost growing a few frozen cum crystals if you leave it in the snow for too long. There is a solution, tho. You can just microwave a large mug and drink it later. Or, you can intentionally leave the cum in the snow, let it half-freeze, and enjoy a chewy treat! It’s like taffy!
Theoretically, a human can fully survive on a diet of just dragon cum, supplied from just one dragon.
Dragons can produce about three gallons of cum in a single day. It really depends mostly on their size.
In a single cumshot, they can produce about four to eight cups of the stuff. Dragon ejaculations tend to last between fifteen to twenty seconds, coming out in bursts and spurts that get slightly weaker each time. If a dragon cums in your ass, you will certainly feel this effect. It’s similar to getting a massage internally, again, only 300 times better.
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