Success i have a reputation as a homophobic public harasser in my college



Jan 20, 2024
foid gave me death glare, most of them believe in strange things and are mentally unwell in 2024 so possibily random.
but i think i got reputation spread about me from 2 things:

1. in classes i doodle and write notes to entertain myself for example instead of reading bullshit i will turn every "oo" in word like book into boobs

some normies saw that i wrote notes about them calling them "extremeely GAY" and "CRINGE" and started distancing themselves afterwards. like they would put bags so i couldn't sit next to them hahaha you can keep your normiEMF radiation to yourself

2. On the highway. some guy in a shitty beat up sedan, it looked like what a wanna be street racer kid would buy with his mcwagies money drove really aggressively and failed to overtake me a few times. Eventually he sped past me in the lane next to me. so fucking cringe lmao

we got stopped at the same red light. i checked to make sure he wasn't dangerous looking - he looked soy asf which made me more annoyed


so i roll down the window, lock eyes, take my hand out to give middle finger, and yell, FAGGGGOT with a chuckle

i didnt know he go to my college, i see him in the corridors a few days afterwards with his nerdy tryhard ltn posse. they dont say anything but give me dirty looks and point, it looks like theyre weak enough that they would be afraid of my stik like frame in a 1v1.
Punished Neet

Punished Neet

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Feb 29, 2024
Low inhib sigma male, keep up the great work
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