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Jul 19, 2023
Andrea - met her at a party when I was 8 and she was a Slavic Stacy, I liked her up until now, I still think about her, and I knew she liked me back at the time because I was cute as a child, and she hugged me.

(This is what she looked like)

Alyona, Charlie, and Karina - I liked them all at the same time in 1st grade, I liked Alyona the most because we were both actually good friends, and I even liked her so much that I got my parents to name my little sister Alyona and to this day they don't know that, that name belonged to the woman that was supposed to be my wife.
Charlie was just jestermaxxed and blonde, so I liked her, and Karina was the hottest girl at school at the time so the reason why I liked her is self-explanatory.

(Alyona had beautiful blue eyes and brown hair, Charlie was thick as fuck and dressed like a slut EVERYDAY. SHEESH. And Karina had a really good gothic/edgy style, she always wore chokers, and she was also Aryan as fuck)

I liked a few black chicks too, one of them that I liked lived in my apartment complex and we actual had a sexual interaction (I'm too embarrassed to say her name and wary that she might find this so I'm just going to call her Shaquasha) where I told her to take off her pants and she did, and I saw her pussy (this was in 4th or 3rd grade I believe). The other one, her name was Denise or some black ass name, I totally forgot but I know it started with a D, and I purely liked her for her looks and charisma, she was charming, and I wasn't the only one that liked her at the time.

(Shaquasha and Denise. Denise had brown eyes which made her stand out and her hair wasn't bad. Shaquasha often straightened her hair, she looked meh but I think I liked her because she was promiscuous)

Janel and Kylie - Janel was this Hispanic chic that was DISGUSTING as fuck, but funny. I remember when she would sit next to me and pluck her dandruff off her head and put it on my desk (I don't know why I liked her disgusting ass). I think the reason why I liked her was because she was entertaining, I remember she pantsed (when someone pulls down someone else's pants, revealing their underwear) this fat chick in front of the whole class and I thought it was based as hell. But the one thing I hated about her was that she always smelled like shit. Like I think the reason she did was because after she would take a shit in the bathroom... I don't think she wiped so the smell lingered from her ass cheeks, I guess.
Now Kylie was a bitch to me, but I'm an abused dog that likes to be abused. Kylie was fucking mentally ill; I remember she used to threaten to kill me with these sharp ass scissors. She would cut up my notebooks and bully me in front of the whole classroom, but I still liked her.
We got into a crazy food fight once, and I threw an apple at her head during lunch. She really was one of the kids that made my life so shitty at school (This was in 5th grade). I hated her but she was so fucking hot it was really hard not to be attracted to her.

(Janel was Hispanic so she had tan skin and brown hair, she was easy on the eyes but holy fuck dangerous for anyone that had a functioning nose. Kylie was a t50 cel, she was anorexic sort of, and she had glasses and pale skin.)

Avery - This was in 5th grade as well, I really liked her because she was tall, tan, and had green eyes, which is my ideal type. So to understand what I'm about to tell you, in my class we had this thing where if you said something mean to someone the whole class had to be silent and listen to you say ONE thing nice to the person you said something mean to. And basically Avery and I would fight in class but lowkey I think we were flirting (I'm delusional). And I have horrible skin genetics and during that time I was developing my first pimples. I had this big fat pimple on my cheek and I remember Avery saying something mean to me, so the whole class had to be silent and she had to say on nice thing to me. And she said this...
"I like that pimple on your cheek." For fucks sake I cried myself to sleep that day, but I had to laugh it off because the whole class laughed at me that day and I wanted to die. I still thought about her romantically because she was hot.

(Avery had tanner skin than this and she was fucking hot as heck man)

So, beginning of 6th grade I met someone that I didn't know was going to be the love of my life for 3 years. Her name was Olivia, she was the most popular girl in the school, and she had blonde hair and t50 eyes. The thing is, in 6th grade I was fucking jestermaxxed and everyone liked me. In fact it was the only year of school where I didn't get bullied as much as I usually did. Everyone thought I was funny, when I entered a room people would say my name, they'd ask me to sit next to them, and I'd have girls tell me I'm popular. Olivia and I had our moments, I remember we had a cooking class together and she had the option to go sit next to this Chad but she decided to ignore him and sit next to me. I fell in love with her that day, because she sat next to me, an incel, instead of Chad begging for her tits.
I did everything I could to impress her, I dressed nice, I ran fast in gym, I made jokes that made her laugh. It got to the point where every thought I had, included her. And to this day I use her name for passwords and shit. In fact, she actually asked me out but I said no because I thought she was joking, but she wasn't. Fuck my life for saying no.
Anyways I won't go into full detail, but she later became one of my bullies. JFL

(This is what Olivia looked like, a mixture of all of those pics. She always had bangs which I thought was cute she had a crooked nose and NCT, but I didn't care.)

Elizabeth - Holy shit, so much shit happened with me and this bitch. She was "technically" my first and only girlfriend, but it ended up being fake because she was using me to get to my Chad friend at the time. (This was in 7th grade) Now she didn't go to my school, but we met at a Soccer camp, she was the hottest girl in the camp, and all the guys cheered for her and spoke to her. There were even guys that would approach her and ask to massage her. I don't even remember when I first spoke to her and how we became friends, but we just did. I literally had to cuck myself and be in the friend-zone a bit before we started talking sexually. During the friend zone she would talk about guys in front of me and call them hot lol. Fuck my life at that time holy shit, I hated it. It made me so fucking angry because I couldn't compete with Chad McChadCock because I was Mr. Insect Incel, God it was over.
But then I asked her on a date, and we had so much fun that she sent me a whole ass paragraph saying that she basically didn't realize how cool I was because I was ugly, and she said she wanted to date me for my personality. Fuck my life but I went with it because I liked her. What's crazy is that I worked my ass off to get this bitch to like me, that even when she asked me out and shit, I eventually lost feelings for her. She was so fucking clingy it was annoying; she would text me 24/7 and ask me what I was doing, and it pissed me off (But now I reminisce those days and wish for it back jfl). I got tired of it, because she was also too sexual for me at the time.
She would constantly ask me for nudes and talk about how big my back was. It weirded me out because I wasn't sexual, and I didn't even fap at the time (even though I had a porn addiction at 9 years old).
So, to get rid of her, I introduced her to my Chad friend who literally looks like Chico. They eventually started hitting it off. And long story short they became my bullies too.

(She looked like this but had hazel eyes and lots of freckles + pale skin)

Now I had like probably 200 + girls on discord that I've talked to, only 4 of them were "serious" but it would take a whole fucking book the size of Moby Dick to explain those ones jfl. And I already explained one of them in one of my old posts
Most of them were pedophilic milfs, I even had e-sex with one of them for seven hours straight. I watched her jack off (she was Indian and a med student and I'm not even joking she had her homework on her desk and cummed on it đź’€ and then when she did that she said "Well, I won't be needing that anymore".
Her and I were actually planning on meeting because we lived so close, but she chickened out because she was 25 and I was 16.
She was actually giga good looking for an Indian)

As I'm typing this, I'm tryna think of interesting online relationships I've had, when in reality they were all interesting as fuck, but I don't want to type that shit down.

Now I think I'll end this here, obviously there are more IRL girls that I've liked but those are the main ones and there is also another chic I stalked, and I just don't want to make myself seem like a creep by sharing that story because it was creepy, and I was definitely in the wrong there, but I don't care. Women are thots and disgusting and they deserve it.

So far there's no one here

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