Looksmax Refugee and the quest for redemption: Part 1



Jun 13, 2021
"I don't want to be a slave," Looksmax Refugee said, "but I can't just go back to my family and say it's all right—my father would hang me."

Neetgod nodded. "Than I guess you better be staying with me". He looked at me thoughtfully. "You're not going back to your parents anyway; they'll kill you."
He was probably right about that, but still...

"So what do we do?" I asked.

"First of all, let's get you cleaned up." Neatgod took me by the hand and led me into his house, which was empty except for him and me. He showed me some water in a bowl from one of those big metal containers you see in every bathroom and kitchen in Orario. It was cold, but at least I could wash off the grime and blood. My face felt like it weighed five tons.

After that, I went to bed. Neatgod sat outside on the porch as I tried to sleep. Then he came inside and locked the door behind him.

"What are you doing?" Looksmax said worryingly.

Neatgod smirked. "Who else is going to keep an eye on you while you sleep? It's late, so I'm going to get some sleep too."

It sounded reasonable enough to me.

"Don't take any chances," I told him. "And wake me if anything happens."

Then I heard Neatgod lock the front door again and walk away down the hallway toward his room.
I couldn't fall asleep for a while, though. The events of the day were too much for me. I had just been kidnapped by a dragon, then rescued by a god, and now I was lying in bed with an orc. And that orc's name was Atila.

The next morning I woke up early. I grabbed my clothes and got dressed before opening the door. Neatgod was sitting outside on the porch. He was wearing a loose-fitting blue robe.

"Morning," I said.

"Good morning," Neatgod replied. "Are you hungry?"

"Not really," I answered. "But thank you."

Neatgod smiled. "I think you'll find breakfast more than adequate. It's almost ready."

He stood and walked over to a small table set near the doorway. On top of the table was a large platter filled with food: chocolate big booty bitches. There were also eggs, milk, and honey butter.

"This is all yours. After all, you did help save my life."

I blushed. "Neatgod, you shouldn't have..."

"Save your gratitude, boy," he said with a smile. "I've saved many lives since I arrived here in Orario. You should be happy to be part of this one."
As I started eating, I noticed Neatgod staring at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing," he replied. "I just wanted to know whether you'd eaten anything yet."

I didn't understand why he was asking me such a strange question.

"Um...yes, actually. I ate some big booty bitches last night."

"Oh," Neatgod responded as if that explained everything. He turned back to the window and continued looking out at the street. "So, you're a virgin?"


"No! No, I'm not!" I protested. "Why do you ask me these crazy questions?"

"Because I have a proposition for you. This city is a dangerous place for a young man like yourself. For example, there are monsters who prey on others for their own pleasure. In order to protect you from them, I need to make sure you're well fed and healthy."

"All right," I agreed. "But how does that work?"

Neatgod looked over at me. "Well, you've already met one of them. Now eat your big booty bitches, and I'll tell you."

"Okay," I replied, and started eating.

"Before long, you'll be able to change into Yujiro Hanma. Your appearance will improve, and you'll grow stronger."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Your body doesn't have to stay as it is now. If you wish, you can become someone else."

"Someone else?" I asked.

"Yes. Someone like me."

I froze.

"I mean, like me. A person you want to be, someone who is capable of slaying hoes by themselves."

That made no sense to me.

"If you do that, you'll never have to worry about being gay again."

I was shocked. "How can I possibly choose that?"

"I mean, you won't have much choice in the matter. I'll put you in a trance and guide you through it. When you come out, you'll be a different person."

"A different person?" I repeated.

"Of course. I am the only one who can transform your body."

"But, um...what if I don't like it?" I asked.

"Do you like being gay?"


"Then why would you like becoming a woman?"


I wasn't sure I understood the question. "I just...don't know."

"In that case, I suggest you start thinking about it and decide what you want."

"But I don't even know if I'm gay..."

Neatgod gave me a wry smile. "Since you were born, you've had a hard time with women. If you really wanted to change, you wouldn't have spent your entire life hiding it. But then again, maybe it's just as simple as that."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Men are naturally more attracted to women than vice versa. When you think about it, that's obvious. Women are beautiful and men are ugly. That's natural, too. So when you're faced with a situation where you have to choose between one or the other, you end up choosing the one you don't want to be. And that's why you're gay."

"But...I don't know any girls."

"What's wrong with you?" Neatgod laughed. "Didn't you ever play with dolls as a little boy?"

"I did," I admitted. "But not really."

Neatgod sighed. "Ah, so that's the problem. Then, if you want to change, you'll have to find a girl. You're not willing to give up your chance at finding love. Am I wrong?"

"...No," I answered after a moment's hesitation.

Neatgod nodded and relaxed his shoulders. "Very good, my friend." He patted me on the shoulder as if congratulating me. "Now eat your big booty bitches. Today is the first day of your new life."
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