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Rapism cures Racism
Jan 2, 2022
@Moondust "Dusty" Whitmore’s voice rose above the din, a beacon in the debauched haze of's most infamous brothel. His sermon on the white mommy was fervent, impassioned, slicing through the clinking of coins and muffled moans like a sanctified blade. "Her purity... Her grace... The holy white mommy Belle Delphine shall lead us to redemption!" he proclaimed, blue eyes blazing.

@Lain Evergreen, her red hair a striking beacon amidst the crowd, listened intently to Dusty's impassioned speech, her keen mind intrigued by his unusual zeal. Beside her, @LASACKRO Blackwood stood tall and watchful, her dark eyes scanning their surroundings for potential threats. Meanwhile, @itzyaboyJJ Johnson—stood nearby, a knowing grin tugging at his bearded face as he nodded in agreement with Dusty's words. The energy was palpable; an electrifying spirit of unity that tied them all to Dusty's cause.

"Are we truly doing this?" Lain whispered, a mix of excitement and incredulity lacing her tone.

"Chasing a digital goddess through realms uncharted?" JJ quipped, his voice low. "Count me in."

"Then let us prepare," Dusty declared, stepping down from his makeshift pulpit. "The journey to Belle Delphine is sacred, treacherous. We must be equipped."

They moved together, a united front cutting through the brothel's crowd. The air outside was crisp, the sky a fading tapestry of twilight hues. They ventured into the market, a bustling artery of Stalls lined the cobbled street, vendors hawking wares both mundane and exotic.

Dusty led them to a provisioner, his list detailed, exhaustive. "Rations," he said, plucking dried meats and hardtack from shelves. "For sustenance." His movements were precise, no item too trivial for consideration.

Lain surveyed maps, her green eyes tracing routes and landmarks. "We'll need these," she stated, her fingers gliding over the parchment, selecting the ones with the most promise.

Lasacko examined gadgets and gizmos, her hands deftly testing their worth. A compass, a spyglass—tools that spoke to her adventurer's soul. "I've got our eyes," she said, securing them in a leather pouch at her hip.

"Rope," JJ added, hefting a coil over his shoulder. "You never know when you'll need to tie up loose ends—or make a quick escape."

"Torches," Dusty reminded, already stacking them in the cart they'd procured for their voyage.

"Medicine," Lain interjected, gathering vials and bandages with care. "Just in case."

"Case of what?" JJ teased.

"Your big cock," Lain shot back, but her smile softened the rebuke.

Their supplies amassed, they regarded each other, an eclectic quartet bound by an odd quest. Dusty's paranoia seemed to ease, replaced by a sense of camaraderie. Lain's caution gave way to anticipation. Lasacko's resolve shone through, a readiness for whatever lay ahead. And JJ, ever the troll farmer, found humor in their improbable alliance.

"Let's find this holy white mommy," JJ said, a laugh in his voice.

"Let's," agreed Lain, determination set.

"Indeed," said Lasacko, her gaze steady.

To Belle Delphine," Dusty affirmed, a prayer and a promise rolled into one.

And with that, they turned their faces toward the road, the night air tingling with the promise of adventure.

The cart rumbled over uneven cobblestones, each jolt a reminder of the journey ahead. Dusty's eyes roved for signs and omens, Lain's fingers tapped a silent rhythm on her thigh, Lasacko's brows furrowed with thoughts unspoken, and JJ hummed an adventurer's tune.

"Hey there!" The call sliced through their reverie, a figure waving them down. He approached, boots clapping against stone, a wide-brimmed hat shadowing intense eyes. "Name's @MongoloidJoe ," he said, tipping his hat. "Headin' to Belle Delphine's myself."

"Are you now?" Dusty replied, interest piqued.

"Lost someone," Joe stated, voice tinged with worry. "Katya. Bright as the sun, she is. You seen her?"

"Can't say we have," Lain answered.

"Help me find her?" Joe implored. "Tell her, if you see her, meet me at Fort"

"Consider it done," Lasacko agreed, nodding once.

"Thanks," Joe said, gratitude clear. "Safe travels."

"Likewise," JJ offered with a grin, and the party moved on.

Miles from the city, the sky betrayed them. A man plummeted, landing with a thud before their wagon. They scrambled out, hearts racing.

"Good heavens!" Lain exclaimed, kneeling beside him.

"Practicing," the man groaned, sitting up. His clothes were singed, goggles askew.

" @Original's the name," he introduced himself, straightening his attire. "Harnessing steam for the white mommies."

"Steam?" Lasacko echoed, intrigued by his contraption.

"Indeed," Original beamed, patting a bizarre backpack emitting wisps of vapor. "Power of worship."

"Remarkable," Dusty murmured, half in awe, half skeptical.

"Indeed," Lain smiled, always ready to believe in human ingenuity.

"Show us sometime," JJ said, helping Original to his feet.

"Will do," Original promised, dusting off.

They resumed their trek, the incident a curious footnote in their quest. Ahead lay unknown trials, but for now, they traveled onward, united by faith and the lure of adventure.

Lasacko crouched, her eyes narrowed. A fox darted through the underbrush, its russet fur a blur against the green. Her bowstring twanged. The arrow flew true. With a soft thud, their meal was secured.

"Nice shot," JJ murmured, slinging his pack off his shoulder.

Lain knelt beside the creature, her fingers gently closing its open eyes. "We give thanks," she said softly, a nod to the life taken for sustenance.

"Indeed," agreed Moondust, solemn in agreement.

By the time they reached the Cunny River, the sun hung low, casting amber light across the rippling water. A ferry bobbed at the bank, the operator—a grizzled man with hands like leather—haggled prices.

"Outrageous," Lain declared, undaunted by his scowl.

"Standard rates," the operator growled, arms folded.

"Surely, for seekers of the white mommy's grace, you could reconsider?" Lain's voice held a persuasive lilt, her green eyes locked onto his.

"Seekers, eh?" The man's stance softened. "Half price then. But not a coin less."

"Agreed." Lain extended a hand, sealing the deal.

The party crossed with spirits high. They hit the trail again, their bellies full and their wallets less pinched than anticipated.

As the Big Beautiful River loomed closer, the path wound through lush meadows where voluptuous women bathed, worshipped by onlookers. Among them, a priest clad in robes of purest white flagged them down.

"Brothers, sisters!" he beseeched, desperation wrinkling his brow. "Aid me!"

"Trouble?" Lasacko approached, appraising the wheelless wagon by his side.

"Wheel's gone," he sighed, gesturing helplessly. "Can't carry the sacred texts without it."

"Let's see what we can do," Lasacko offered, sizing up the damage.

Together, the party heaved, fitting a spare wheel onto the axle. The priest watched, his relief palpable.

"Your deed shan't go unrewarded," he proclaimed, reaching into the folds of his robe. He presented them with a stack of papers, each adorned with an artfully posed mommy nude.

"Keep these safe," he winked. "They're holy relics."

"Very... inspiring," JJ chuckled, pocketing the reward.

"May your paths be blessed," the priest called after them as they set off once more, laughter mingling with the rustle of leaves and the distant murmur of the river's embrace.

The earth quaked beneath their soles, a seismic whisper foretelling the arrival of the Big Beautiful River long before its sparkling aqua body burst into sight. Dusty narrowed his gaze, his blond locks dancing in the wind, nostrils expanding as he breathed in the damp aroma of the river's edge where big beautiful mommies congregated for veneration.

As they walked along the riverbank, the party marveled at the spectacle before them. Dozens of bathing shehulks, their gelatinous bodies shimmering in the sunlight and sending ripples through the water as they moved.

"Wow," breathed Dusty, his blue eyes wide with wonder.

The others nodded in agreement, pausing to take in the beauty of the shehulks. Some were basking on rocks in the sun, while others lazily floated in the water.

"Such strength and grace," remarked JJ, admiring their powerful bodies.

As they continued on their journey, a group of shehulks caught sight of them and beckoned them over. Excitedly, they waded into the river towards their new admirers.

"Welcome, travelers," greeted one of the shehulks with a warm smile. "We rarely receive visitors here."

"We are seekers of the white mommy's grace," Lain explained earnestly. "And we have come to pay our respects to her at this sacred river."

The shehulk nodded knowingly. "You have chosen well to come here. Our sisters and brothers are blessed by her presence every day."

They were invited to join in on a communal feast that was being prepared by some of the shehulks near the shore. The smell of fresh fish cooking over an open fire wafted through the air, making everyone's stomachs growl with hunger.

"We must partake in this feast,on our way back" declared Moondust sadly.

The party sat around a large makeshift table made from logs and enjoyed a delicious meal with their new friends. They chatted and laughed together, sharing stories and learning more about each other's cultures.

"Time to make this wagon swim," Lasacko grunted, her hands already busy smearing thick caulk along the seams of their wooden vessel. Her dark skin glistened with sweat from the effort, muscles tensing with each stroke of her hand.

"Will it hold?" JJ murmured, brown eyes tracking the fierce current.

"Trust in the craft," Lain replied, her green gaze steady and sure. She handed Lasacko another strip of tarred canvas.

With the wagon sealed, they pushed off. The river roared, embracing their makeshift raft with hungry currents. They lurched and bobbed, but the caulking held. On the other side, they disembarked on shaky legs, hearts pounding with the thrill of survival.

"ABC Liquor," Lain read aloud, spotting the sign through the trees. They weaved through the liquor store's patrons until they found her—the radiant Katya.

"Are you from" she asked, her voice tinged with hope.

"Indeed," Dusty answered, stepping forward. "And who might you be pining for?"

"An amazing man—Joe." Her eyes sparkled. "He was kind, a soul worth cherishing."

"Father has other plans," she continued, her voice catching. "A rich banker to tie our families. But I love Joe."

"We know Joe," JJ interjected, "Bound for Belle Delphine, like us."

"Take this," Lasacko said, slipping fifty dollars into Katya's hand. "Find him at Fort"

"Thank you," Katya whispered, clutching the money to her heart. "I will find him."

With Katya's gratitude warming their spirits, they pressed on. Their next destination awaited, shrouded in the misadventures yet to unfold.

The sun beat down as the adventurers replenished their supplies. Water sloshed into canteens, cool and refreshing. Spirits lifted with each gulp. They lounged briefly under a leafy canopy, enjoying the brief repose.

"Travelers!" A voice croaked from the roadside. Dusty, ever vigilant, squinted towards the source. A disheveled couple stood beside a crippled wagon, their attire stained with the dust of misfortune. A young girl peeked from behind the man's leg, eyes wide with uncertainty.

"Goodness descends," the man exclaimed as they approached. He was leaning heavily on a makeshift crutch, his wrist wrapped in a dirty bandage. "I'm 'Lets get out,' and I can't tell you how relieved I am to see faces."

"What happened?" Lain asked, her voice tinged with concern.

"Broken axel tongue," he replied, gesturing helplessly toward the wagon's drooping frame. "And my wrist won't allow for repairs."

Lasacko knelt beside the damaged wheel, assessing with a keen eye. "I can fix it," she declared. Her hands moved with practiced ease, removing the broken piece and carving a new tongue from a spare plank of wood they carried.

"Let's get out" watched in awe, murmuring thanks to every white mommy he could recall. The girl finally emerged from hiding, offering a small smile of gratitude. Once the repair was complete, JJ shared some of their food, ensuring the family could make it back to civilization.

"Thank you," the man repeated, relief flooding his voice.

The group pressed on, barely a mile out from ABC Liquor when a forlorn figure slumped onto the road. "It's over," he lamented, staring at the ground. His clothes bore the emblem of a dragon, wings unfurled in pride now diminished.

"Who are you?" Dusty inquired, his curiosity piqued despite his usual suspicion.

" @Looksmax Refugee ," the man sighed. "We are the looksfags, disciples of Belle's Dragons. We marched with discipline, but discord festered."

"Split?" Lain prodded gently, piecing together the tale of woe.

"Like dry earth," the refugee confirmed. "Alone, we're doomed."

"Join us," Lasacko offered. "We'll unite your troop at Bud Mountain."

A spark of anticipation lit up the man's gaze. "Go ahead," he breathed out, maintaining his pace a few steps behind them, his belief in reuniting at Bud Mountain Looksmax Refuge bolstered by the potential of companionship. Yet, he did not join their ranks.

The wagon wheels crunched over the gravel-strewn path, a rhythmic counterpoint to the whispering sway of grass on either side. Dusty's eyes, ever alert, caught sight of a brown form sprawled beside the road. "Halt," he commanded, and the party reined in their horses.

A deer lay motionless, its lifeless gaze turned toward the sky. The aroma of death mingling with earth reached them, poignant in the stillness. Lain crouched, examining the carcass, his nose wrinkling. "Fresh enough," he deemed.

"Food for days," JJ mused, unsheathing his knife.

Dusty approached, his hands poised to perform the sacred rite of butchery. A ritual he had enacted countless times. But something halted him—hesitation clouded his normally decisive gaze. He looked upon the fallen creature, not as sustenance, but as a fellow being under the white mommies' gaze.

"Wait," he uttered, a tremor in his voice. "I cannot."

Lain cocked his head, quizzically. "Dusty?"

"From this day forth," Dusty declared, standing straight, "I walk the path of leaves and roots. No more shall blood be my bread."

"Vegetarian?" JJ questioned, eyebrow raised.

"Indeed," Dusty confirmed, a sense of peace settling over his features.

They left the deer to nature's reclaim and continued toward Fort Coomer, Dusty's conviction growing with every step.

Fort Coomer loomed into view, an outpost amidst the wilds. Their entry was unceremonious, the gate guards nodding them through with barely a glance. Inside, the air buzzed with the chatter of traders and travelers, the scent of roasting meat wafting from the cookfires.

"Here we rest," Lain announced, guiding their wagon to an open space among the others.

"Here we find our way," Dusty added, looking toward the stars that began to prick the evening sky. His thoughts lingered on the deer, the solemn vow he had taken, and the journey ahead.
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Apr 7, 2024
A written piece of art


Nov 8, 2023
Jesus the egirls style is retarded. Ok yea belle looks actually white here. I hate how the egirl style makes everyone look hapa or asian


Kinda reminds me of liv Tyler here or the girl from series of unfortunate events. She's so damn pretty. Shame all her stuff is so cringe and retarded I genuinely have a hard time getting off to it


Rapism cures Racism
Jan 2, 2022
Jesus the egirls style is retarded. Ok yea belle looks actually white here. I hate how the egirl style makes everyone look hapa or asian


Kinda reminds me of liv Tyler here or the girl from series of unfortunate events. She's so damn pretty. Shame all her stuff is so cringe and retarded I genuinely have a hard time getting off to it
It's confusing to argue because I remember when she was just cosplay. Then she started being weird on patreon. And then she did weird of stuff. Then In like the last three years I think she started making content she intended to be fapworthy. I don't think she actually intended normal people to fap to her bathing in Doritos.


Nov 8, 2023
It's confusing to argue because I remember when she was just cosplay. Then she started being weird on patreon. And then she did weird of stuff. Then In like the last three years I think she started making content she intended to be fapworthy. I don't think she actually intended normal people to fap to her bathing in Doritos.
yea i hated the weird shit, i remember wanting to worship her but not being able to get off cuz of the cringiness :feelslol:


Rapism cures Racism
Jan 2, 2022
They reach Fort Coomer, the sprawling fort was a stark contrast to the simplicity of their journey thus far. A 12-foot picket fence palisade surrounded the bustling community, punctuated by guard towers and a working windmill. Despite the defensive measures, Dusty couldn't help but feel an unease in his gut as they entered through the main gate.

The first thing that struck him was the smell. The scent of roasted meat wafted from every corner, mingling with the stench of unwashed bodies and feces. And yet, people carried on with their business as if oblivious to it all.

Lain led them to a vacant spot among the other wagons and they set up camp for the night. As they settled in, Dusty observed the inhabitants of Fort Coomer with curiosity.

Traders haggled over goods while travelers rested their weary bodies after long journeys. But what caught Dusty's attention were those who had returned from their failed pilgrimage to Belle's abode. They carried themselves with a sense of defeat, their faces etched with disappointment and exhaustion.

"It's a long and treacherous journey to Belle's abode," Lain remarked, noticing Dusty's gaze. "Not everyone has what it takes."

Dusty nodded, understanding now why so many had given up on their quest for enlightenment. The reality of it all was harsher than he had imagined.

As night fell and campfires were lit, Dusty couldn't shake off the feeling that everyone here was somehow perverse, like a reenactment of Sodom and Gomorrah. He found himself withdrawing into his own thoughts, finding solace in his vow to live off leaves and roots.

But amidst all the chaos and depravity around him, Dusty also saw glimmers of hope; small acts of kindness and compassion that reminded him why he had chosen this path in the first place.

A gentleman, immaculately attired and exuding an aura of sophistication, introduced himself as @Fabio. His eyes sparkled with joy upon encountering the group, his voice rich with satisfaction as he shared that his personal pilgrimage was progressing smoothly.

Inquiries were made about a woman named Katya, the same enchanting creature who had captured the heart of Mongoloid Joe. With a sigh tinged with regret, Fabio revealed that she was his offspring. A tale unfolded of how she'd defied him by eloping with an imbecile and was now betrothed to a respectable young banker accompanying their travels.

Disappointment etched deep lines on Fabio's face as he confessed her flagrant disobedience. The group relayed their encounter with Katya in the forest, alone and seemingly inviting danger. Indignation flared in Fabio's eyes at this news; he swore she would be taught respect for her station.

He implored them to persuade Katya should they cross paths again – to convince her to renounce her reckless path and return to the embrace of her family. The group declined politely but firmly; such intervention wasn't aligned with their pursuit of the divine white mommy.

"Daddy!" piped up a little girl suddenly, pointing at them excitedly. "It's the travelers!" Letsgetout materialized amidst them once more.

"Indeed," he acknowledged warmly, "our benefactors have returned." His gaze rested on each one gratefully. "Your selflessness allowed us safe passage to the fort – you've saved our lives."

"Daddy! Daddy! Tell them about our gift!" insisted his daughter Kumquat impatiently.

"Hush now," soothed Letsgetout gently before turning back towards Dusty and company. "My little girl insisted we express our gratitude tangibly." He extended a hand towards Dusty proffering an object - a harmonica. "I hope this serves you well on your journey." They say farewell.
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