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Sep 8, 2023
Good Morning Syria program hosts Maher Al-Assad to talk about his local project
Michael Abu Al-Aas - Border Correspondent for Hearing the Sun Whisper Good Morning Syria

April 04, 2023

Today's episode of the Good Morning Syria program hosted one of the most prominent military, political, and economic leaders; The slayer of achievements, the killer of difficulties, the one with the bloody thirsty face for success, the one who terrified Obama in his pajamas, the eminent businessman, Major General, the avant-garde comrade Maher Hafez al-Assad, the leader of the Fourth Smuggling Division, the expert in extracting the souls of humans, stones and trees, and the godfather of underground, subterranean and hallucinogenic wealth.

Below are the highlights of this interview conducted by colleagues Reham Wahba, with the fewest possible interruptions to each other:

Reham Wahba: Good morning, Major General. Good morning, Major General.

His Excellency: Good morning to you and to all the followers loyal to this officer. Allow me to thank myself for appearing with you on this program and giving you the honor of meeting me in person.

A gift before Reham: Mr. Major General, we all know that with your determination, your arms, and the loyal men with you, you thwarted the conspiracy hatched by the Zionist-American forces against Syria, but what everyone does not know is that you also saved the Syrian economy. Allow me to ask about your pioneering project and how it contributed to dismantling the Syrian economy. Economic blockade.

Maher: You and me are an animal. No one asks me. I am here of my own free will to announce to the world from this platform, where I doubt that anyone has electricity to follow him at home or care about him abroad, that a country is led by lions, especially a wild, predatory lion like me. No, why, and will not. It is subject to a siege or to dictates, and the future of its leadership does not depend on a smuggled commodity, whether it is tobacco, oil, or a military presence in neighboring countries. Also, this project is a private family business, and I did not say that it aims to support the country’s economy. We are not in a socialist country so that I can share my profits with you.

Reham launches a pioneering deal, and Heba feels proud and glorious

His Excellency continued: By the grace of God, everything in this country was destroyed during the war except for the will, determination, and survival instinct of the leadership, a fragment of a port in Latakia, and some pharmaceutical factories and pharmaceutical laboratories. So I said to my brother: Why don’t we benefit from these properties and harness the experience of our colleagues in Hezbollah and the Iranian factions in Cannabis trade, create a hallucinatory economy locally and then launch it into the global market?

As you know, every time has a state, men and an economy. In the past, my immortal father traded in political positions, exported much of it abroad, and brought us billions of dollars from the Gulf and a lot of smuggling revenues during our legitimate guardianship of Lebanon, but the situation has changed, and the needs of the market have changed, so the goods that we used to trade It no longer has a place in the market, no one will need external positions from a country whose sovereignty is determined by the movement of Russian and Iranian forces on its territory, and oil is no longer in our possession, just as it is no longer black gold anywhere in the world, and its place has been replaced by investment funds in the fields of entertainment, sports and technology. These are all areas that cannot exist in Syria due to the deformation of the infrastructure after the war, and the country has run out of national investors who share their projects with us against their will so that we can allow them to establish them.

Reham, or Heba, Reham: Certainly a huge project like this needs trustworthy partners, so...

Maher: I and the young men of the family like Samer and Waseem - despite their ignorance, greetings from those on top - we all put time and effort into this project and built it from scratch, brick upon brick, grain upon grain, sack upon sack, container upon container, ship after ship, drone after drone, until... We have become global and the whole world is talking about the quality of our captagon and the innovative ways in which we export it. Go ahead, take it, open your mouth and try this sample

Reham: With our soul and our blood, we will redeem you, Hafez, Maher! In fact, I cannot remain silent in the face of the quality of this local product, and I feel like I want to politely decline. Peace be upon you, sir, what is this?

Maher: By God, I am the one who wants to discipline you and the time that I offered you to try this pill. Send her to the detention room.

Heba: Major General, do you expect the Western propaganda attacking your project to affect its revenues in the future?

His Excellency: Blindness in your eyes on such questions, you too have monkeys! What effect did Western propaganda have on my shoes in 10 years? Do you expect that a project like this would need governmental approvals, international coordination, or international approval? Have you heard about a Mexican drug dealer whose business is declining due to the war on drugs? Do….? Wait, why are you following Western reports?

Heba: In conclusion, I thank His Excellency Major General Maher Hafez al-Assad for honoring us. It seems that this is the last episode of this program, as I will join Barham immediately.

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