my minimum standards for a female



Jan 20, 2024
- must be virgin or 1 oofy doofy previous ltr i mog in every way
- must be good looking
- must be shorter than me but taller than average
- must be affectionate but cannot display any emotion when talking to non-me males
- cannot be a friend-haver (cousins or something is OK) or an outside-goer (someone who spends money on places "for fun")
- cannot go to doctors, dentists, hair style salons or other such jews (astrologers, healers, voodoo doctors are OK)
- cannot be mentally ill, go through depression, be neurotic or have anxiety problems
- must have strong feminine aura that heals through 50 feet proximity
- must have powerful pshycic or artistic powers
- cannot work, cannot be neet. Must either dematerialize when i am not looking at her or paint watercolors and frolick through meadows
- must be intelligent but not a science or studies believer
- cannot watch tv or play video games
- cannot have hair
- cannot have an "identity" based on consumerism or ideology, if has one must be on immutable traits
- must be madly in love with me with good personality

optional halos: racist, good at singing, likes to scheme how to destroy others, cries if you say you wouldn't love her if she was a worm, last of a once great race or royalty from between luxemborg and monaco

anything below this is degrading to my divine spark and can only be treated as mere animate matter like a chemical sludge monster

EDIT: must enjoy RED BULL
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