story i wrote about neet going psychotic and being institutionalized after seeing CHAD irl



Jan 20, 2024
you always browse looksmax and for several hours until your cortisol spikes to a breaking point in which point you go to a linked cuckold/race play porno video and goon until you end up on a gay scene.

But the clock was ticking to your 28th birthday and you felt inspired to self improooove

You had to improve. You had to at least try! That phrase… Fucking cringe. It was true though. If you are so insecure to not think a (perfectly benign if not actually a great thought), what happens when you are within the 50 feet radius of a FEMALE??? holy shit my wrists are puny. They look like toothpicks. Smaller than dick of that sergei kid probably.

A jestermaxxer making exaggerated faces while eating gay looking foods caught your attention. The time passed. The feelings were pushed to a sub threshold level below the tik toks. An ominious feeling loomed late at night. The glow of the screen made it retreat. They came out in your dreams. You weren’t able to remember them but when you saw a female on your feed you were filled with dread. Something else to not tell the jew psyciatrist.

You could make something rise. But before transitioning remember it was barf and it was rising up womens throats at the harpy-like thing that was your voice. YIKES!!!!!!

somewhat ameliorated by the quip your anime waifu in your head said. As if any f.foids even heard a single sentence you’ve uttered. She stuck her tongue out at you. Something about that didn’t sit right. Her expression was lighthearted enough but the expression got a spot for whenever you were bored. Just ldar honestly.

It wasn’t all cuck fantasies in your head. You felt a sense of relucant hope. Almost felt like praying for a better future.

but Religion is a jew... something. You forget the phrase and really it’s not as important as the instagram pages of the high school classmates you are pulling up to goon to. In high school you were always in the uncanny valley between normal person (normal treatment) and special ed spastic (treated like goo goo baby)

The girl that treated u worst – in your own mind at least, there couldn’t have been too many interactions was now a nurse for, cancer maybe? They looked pretty young but you were not focused on the patients in her photos.

(you get inspired and go on jog)

you thought of a discord gremlin who was just a little worse off than you. A little uglier. An inch and a half shorter (supposedly, you measured as the height he claimed but you assumed he lied too). You lacked both the skill and the grounds to eviserate him undisputed style. But you made biting little remarks you were sure annoyed him. I guess as a sort of revenge for living a life so similar to you. Some of the stories he told were too relatable. Some of that feeling spilled over to contempt, anger, jealous, and a hollow feeling ridicule.

The point was that you were running. Something that abused dog didn’t have in him. :) Pride swelled up for a second. You made a solemn vow,Chivalorous images popped up in your imagination. Foundation of knights templar. Jesualem mount. a bunch of swords meeting in a circle and a cheer going up. november style, that every day you would run like this. o, staring earlier, ending later. Giving 100000%. Could chad do that? Could chad do that? Could chad do that? I mog. Chad. Win. (trump gif) I win. I am a 1 (you are either a 0 or a 1 and I am a 1)

Saying that kind of stuff brings karma so you see a chad once you look at your reflection in a squalid puddle or something – somewhere a well adjusted person wouldn’t glance at. Like that little gremlin’s fat fucking face – you have a not so clever pun you assault him with on discord with brute force of spam. (your fantasies of being a BBC and cucking him were cut short).

The chad walks at a relaxed pace. You can’t pinpoint it but something about him looks effortly chic and stylish. He just has it man, idk what else to tell ya besides his golden retriever energy, north atlantid phenotype, hooded eyes, maxilla like a tent, wide face, well porportioned body (u heightmogged), youthful glow especially in the hair skin, biomechanics, and azure a10s. U need a big word like that to descibe how beautiful and striking his eyes was.


(his expression not nessicarly him)

He gives you an expressionless glare which was better than the horribly non-nt one you give him. It lasts slightly longer than normal stranger eye contact. Something about the fact you registering in his consiousness changed his panting dog energy to a raised eyebrow energy. Probably the glaring incongruity of you in this enviroment – shitty suburbs with a grey glow and sooty snow in little piles. You felt ashamed – morbidly so.

You made the chad disappear by looking away so you didn’t know how he reacted to your cortisol spiked incel-shuffle . I really mean corisol spike. Like you were in total fight or flight mode. Worse than the “dope” being mocked by that niglet comedian on tiktok. I mean he wouldn’t laugh a you or anything. After all most men are incel. But u felt exposed. RAPE!!! RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE. You wanted to autism screech fucking kill yourself by jumping off the building that rhyme with mia khalifa. You heart beat like a drum… dum dum dum. Dum dum dum. Dumdumdumdumdudmdumdumdumdudmdumdumdumudmumdumddum it was gonna break. BTOOOOOOOM!!!! SPLATTT!!!! SPLATT!!!!

total. Brain. Destruction.


the next part is tooo traumatic to remember but you tried to force nature in a unnatrual way by taking a bunch of drugs. It kind of worked, you were repeatin those shitty scam lines in an impassioned fitat planet fitness. GOGGINNS!!!! :soy face: Heraclitus: the only thing that doesn’t move is the dead. (why you were shaking so intensely on the toliet) when you got out your brain was too fried to know what you were cooking.

Anyways you gave off RED FLAGS. And the ICK to whoever supports your neeting. hen the high stopped you starting expierencing delusions you don’t remember because of the drugs they administered.

Good thing people have the GIFT OF FEAR when they just get bad vibrations from someone huh? And I’m talking about EVERYONE’S safety hear. I mean when you have a SCHOOL SHOOTER it’s not because their life is a walk in the park. When they get the help they need they can have the clarity to reassess your life from a rational standpoint.

That meant dick all. As in you couldn’t feel all of your dick. The girls at the ward are pretty hot ngl. Too bad about the first part :p.

On the flipside your room was cleaner, better illuminated and furnished rather more tastefully. Everything being bite-proof was another thing to be grateful for! You had to think of more of those or else you would be considered uncooperative during group therapy and lose privledges.

You have a urge to post your thoughts on discord. Kind of like you had the urge to jerk off (not enough to even twitch your hand). Urge is the wrong word. Habituation? It was a sort of mental cliché. U had nothing else to do → you touch your dick. Not hard to wrap your head around, unlike the padding on the walls.

The nurse who you hoped didn’t remember you from high school talked to you in the saccharine baby voice! You use to talk to poodles that bite you in grocery line. Mean girl to nurse pipeline eh?

You were too busy engrossed in high-serotonin thoughts to care:

Hahahahahahahah I am a cuck . I am a cuck. I am a cuck. Hahahhahhahahhah. I … am… a …. cuck. Am…. Cuck….. amm.. cuck.

This would loop forquite a while and you would feel a smug superiority to… I really don’t know. But you got it. You felt like you understood everything u needed to know.

There was a droning, plodding quality to this. Like you were high. You had a stoner laugh and you had a dumb look like a cross-eyed gazelle when I visited you last time so I don’t think I will again. You didn’t even thank me that I brought you a cake for your 28th birthday. I mean your own mother didn’t come and I took the time to and that’s how you treat me? It’s really not your fault though. The child is the father of the man I suppose. Life really do be like that sometimes bro on god fr fr fr.


Sep 6, 2023
JFL op you could have at least made that story of yours 3/4 shorter then it actually was
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