LOL turns out onlyfans is a big fat meme



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Dec 2, 2020


Dec 15, 2020
hahahaha get fucked you whores

get a real job :^)
That’s what I’ve been saying I can’t believe all foids thought it was gravy train. The girls that are able to bring in those huge numbers represent <1%. To make matters worse most of the girls in that 1% were already famous in other platforms or were able to advertise successfully. The money you make is pretty misleading since OF takes a cut and you also to have pay taxes on that. It’s also very unstable. Maybe you had a really good month and made 100k and then you fall flat and start making 1k a month. A women should only make an OF if she is trying to kickstart a career in the industry or she knows that she will be able to make a huge amount in a short time span.

I wouldn’t overreact if an OF would affect a women career. Most women that resorted to whoring out now will use whoring out in the future. It might also become commonplace where women women at some point engaged in something like OF and it would not matter. Most guys are cucks.


Dec 3, 2020
imagine becoming a whore and not being successful at it


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Nov 26, 2020
I think the reality is a very small number of whores can make real money selling nudes. They are so many, when there are enough supplies, the value will reduce, simple economics. May be that's why a big shot like Belle Delphine started doing porn.

We only see 0.0001% of onlyfan whores on the news who can make big money.

Looks like cucks might show some standards too, if they have enough options. Also cucks are not generally rich, they are just wagecucking normies, they need to optimize too.

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