Your looks are about 90% a factor of your parents' money (your teeth, frame, skin, eyesight etc... are all heavily influenced by their wealth.

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Nov 12, 2022
How rich your parents were while you grew up will determine A LOT about your looks.

Sure, there's stuff like deformities and whatnot that can't be helped, but even a lot of those can be prevented or corrected with money.

Just look at my boy Charlie. Look at how he looked while he was still poor, vs when he made it. (it was his own money, but only like 0.01% become rich through their own efforts).


He was almost ugly when poor. And when he got rich he became a fucking model.

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He has thousands of dollars of work in his teeth alone. Hair too. Eye surgery. Nutrition so his skin looks so much better.

Fuck, this world is all about money.


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Oct 6, 2021
I wouldn't say 90% but definitely a fair amount, if only because rich parents are generally better at raising kids. I was raised by failures and ended up a failure, no surprise really. Rich friends would get braces, eat a healthy diet, regular doctor/dentist visits, play sports and fall in with good friend groups that held them to certain standards. They have more at stake in their kids, poor parents are usually lazy at least in uk
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May 13, 2021
I wonder how much such a full new teeth procedure will cost?
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